By Paul Haynes, General Manager, Key Control Services Limited

It’s 2 am in the morning and you receive a sleep stopping phone call.

The intruder alarm has gone off at your business again and you’re the one who has to go out and sort it.

You stumble out of bed bleary-eyed, throw some clothes on and fumble for your keys. Out you go after a hard day at work. You’ve been torn from your sleep to respond to a situation that you’re not quite sure what will be.

Is it another false activation or this time has your business been the victim of a break-in? What damage could there be? Will the criminals still be there when you arrive?

All this is worrying enough, but, in addition, to this you’ve got to be back at work by 9 am for an important meeting or to begin a challenging day – exhausted.

For over 20 years we at Key Control Services Ltd specialise in protecting your business through the night and out of hours so that you get the rest, relaxation and peace of mind that your hard work deserves.

If your intruder alarm activates out-of-hours one of our experienced alarm response officers can deploy to your business, ensure all is well and if a break-in has occurred, they can ensure the property is re-secured, the authorities are notified and the disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.

This is all for a lot less cost than you might think!

We utilise the latest technology including GDPR-compliant body cameras (which are also used by the police), tracked, liveried vehicles and FULL PDF reporting to your inbox.

We hold Approved Contractor status for the SIA. We are an ISO 9001 company complying to all the relevant industry British Standards and Safe Contractor approved.

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