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Key Holding & Alarm Response

With our Key Holding and Alarm Response services, we will hold a set of keys to your premises.

If an alarm is activated, a supervisor will be notified by your monitoring station or police and we will attend immediately.

We will check for intruders, deal with any repairs necessary to secure the property, retrieve police reports where necessary, and ensure that your intruder system is fully functional and your premises are left secure.

This will allow your company to remove any dangers posed to your staff, who may currently be responsible for attending out of hours activations to your intruder or fire alarm.


We also provide a keyholding service whereby a security officer can meet you or a dedicated member of your staff at an agreed location in the event of alarm activation.

The security officer will accompany the staff member to check the premises, carry out any further action as required and re-set the alarm.

The benefit here is that you don’t have to put yourself or your staff in potentially dangerous or worrying situations.

When the officer responds, a full digital Alarm Activation Report is filled out (along with photographs) and is emailed to the relevant person the next working day. A calling card is left on the intruder panel so you are aware we have attended site out of hours.

We can also offer you a national key holding service which means if you operate multiple sites located throughout the country, you only have to deal with one company to ensure a professional and streamlined key holding and alarm response service.

Did you know that having a professional key holding arrangement may also keep your insurance premiums down?

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